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There is a demand for Vendor Security Questionnaire (aka VSQ) support whether or not someone believes VSQs are an effective practice. 

Repliance came into existence to fill gaps that exist in the VSQ space. We aim to offer our clients complete VSQ service support, not just a product their team needs to utilize. We aim to offer VSQ responses based on human-validated evidence to avoid incorrect ML correlations/hallucinations.

Our team fully understands that VSQs are part of one of the most critical aspects of every business...Sales Enablement. Sales Enablement is setting up your company to most successfully sell your products. That could mean supporting Sales representatives with content, best-practices, services, training, and even technology. In today’s world, this has extended to conveying how secure your product is, typically done via VSQs. A failure to accurately and effectively convey the quality of your product can stop prospective sales in their tracks.  

Underneath the VSQ hood, there is a magnitude of knowledge gathered for each client, and our superpower is the ability to transform that knowledge into insights. We want to support ongoing conversations about insights present in VSQs that relate to your company, including informing sales enablement, infrastructure development, and risk management.

Why VSQs?

VSQs are the "hair on fire" problems our clients are faced with. Repliance seeks to build a comprehensive understanding of your company's environment and operations, and use that basis of understanding to translate that into appropriate (and up-to-date) answers for VSQs.

From that primary source of knowledge, we utilize our expertise and technical systems to transform that knowledge into additional insights that can be used to help show where Sales Enablement could benefit from additional investment, where gaps in policy or operations may impact the company, and provide assistance in tracking growth and maturity of operations over time.

Our mission

VSQs are rarely addressed in a comprehensive and focused way. Rather than building a product that focuses on trying to solve a subset of the VSQ problem, we decided to provide a service that takes the whole problem off your plate. Delegate those problems to us, and we’ll make sure your answers are high quality and reflective of your company’s strengths - and we’ll also help you glean insights that might otherwise get lost between organizational ownership functions.

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