VSQs 101: How to get started
July 10, 2024
B2B sales involve promptly answering vendor security questionnaires (VSQs) with accurate responses in order to close deals. Planning on dealing with them in-house? We've put together pointers to help you get the right stakeholders, data, and processes in place to handle VSQs successfully.
Why Vendor Security Questionnaires?
May 9, 2024
We started with VSQs because they’re a space that rarely has had the chance to be addressed in a comprehensive and focused way. It’s a space that can benefit significantly from deliberate choices on process, appropriate usage of technology, and a cohesive integrated view of how each part of an organization wants to interact with the problem space.
Introducing Repliance
May 3, 2024
Repliance is a premium Vendor Security Questionnaire (aka VSQ) service.

If you have ever encountered a VSQ with hundreds of questions, you know how excruciating they are to deal with. VSQs can be lengthy, tedious, and resource-intensive, but they are critical to the sales pipeline of any modern B2B company.

Repliance does more than just answer VSQs.
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